Alexander County

Located in the foothills of western North Carolina, Alexander County sits along the Catawba River and boasts the Brushy Mountains. Alexander County is home to Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area, a former quarry turned hiking and mountain climbing destination. The county is also known for the unincorporated town of Hiddenite, which is the location of a mine producing emeralds and sapphires and its namesake stone “hiddenite.”

In August 2019, the Hometown Strong Action Team joined Alexander County and the Town of Taylorsville in a series of listening sessions to hear about the strengths, challenges, and opportunities their communities face. Office of State Human Resources Director Barbara Gibson joined the visit and toured the state correctional institute with the new director of prisons.

Alexander County’s proximity to major interstates and Charlotte Douglass International airport, combined with available industrial sites and workforce, has made the area an attractive location for 21st century technical and manufacturing jobs.

Hometown Strong Action Team members and local leaders identified Medicaid expansion, court facility funding, broadband, and inmate healthcare as priorities and possible points of state and local collaboration.