Caswell County

Picture of banner that says Honey Bee Farm

Honey Bee Hills Farm

Local Farm in Caswell County that produces honey and other produce.

Caswell County is located in the northern Piedmont region of North Carolina and partially bordering the state of Virginia. The county was formed from Orange County in 1777 and named for Richard Caswell, the first governor of North Carolina. Early inhabitants of the region included the Occaneechi and other Siouan Indians, followed by German and English settlers. Caswell County agricultural products include tobacco, soybeans, corn, wheat, oats, barley, hay, alfalfa, beef cattle, sheep, swine, and chickens. Manufactured goods include clothing, textiles, and electronics. The county also produces several minerals, such as mica, microcline, beryl, graphite, corundum, and soapstone.*


Two historic claims for the county came about due to the history of slavery in the region. Thomas Day was a free black furniture craftsman and furniture maker who became a successful businessman. Pieces of Thomas Day’s extraordinary work have found a home in the Governor’s mansion. His was one of the largest and highest producing workshop in North Carolina during the 1850s. His workshop was located in Milton. Another was the accidental discovery of the process of flue-curing tobacco by a slave named Stephen on the farm of Abisha and Elisha Slade.