Mitchell County

Located in the mountains along the Tennessee line, Mitchell County is in the heart of the Appalachian range. Mitchell County is home to the towns of Bakersville and Spruce Pine and has many attractions including the world’s largest natural rhododendron garden, which brings many to the annual Rhododendron Festival. Mitchell County has a long mining tradition and boasts the annual Mineral and Gem Festival and the claim of “Mineral Capital of the World.”

In September 2019, the Hometown Strong Action Team joined Department of Information Technology Secretary Eric Boyette and Department of Health and Human Services Deputy Secretary Ben Money at Mayland Community College for their presentation on their departments, how they are collaborating, and what issues they are working on to better serve counties.

Between ongoing downtown economic development initiatives and continued investment by the community college, Mitchell County is working towards a future as a growing hub for manufacturing, tourism, and arts and culture. New growth in the Bakersville and Spruce Pine downtowns has seen new shops and restaurants open and plans for more businesses, including a brewery, enhancing the county as a growing destination for tourism.

Hometown Strong Action Team members and local leaders have identified mental health training and resources, opioid addiction treatment, and education facility funding as priorities and possible points of state and local collaboration.