Yancey County

Located in the mountains north of Asheville along the Tennessee line, Yancey County is in the heart of the Appalachian range. Yancey County boasts Mount Mitchell State Park and many historic places, including the John Wesley McElroy House and the Nu-Wray Inn. The Town of Burnsville, the county seat and only incorporated municipality, has a postcard town square and hosts the annual Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair.

In September 2019, the Hometown Strong Action Team joined Yancey County, the Yancey County Economic Development Commission and the Town of Burnsville in a listening session to hear more about the strengths, opportunities, and challenges facing them.

Between ongoing downtown economic development initiatives and continued investment by the county, economic development partnership, and state and private investment, Yancey County and Burnsville are working toward a future as a growing hub for manufacturing, tourism, and arts and culture. New growth has seen a burgeoning resurgence in Burnsville, enhancing the county as a growing destination for tourism.

Hometown Strong Action Team members and local leaders have identified economic development, downtown planning, and health department planning assistance as priorities and possible points of state and local collaboration.