The Hometown Strong Rural Grants Program was established with one goal: to help bring federal funding to rural communities in North Carolina. 

Our team is working to do so by supporting small and rural municipalities across the state with access to grant writers, resources, and training to support better grant award and administration for rural communities. Our team works closely with local staff, helping build their knowledge of and capacity to write successful proposals and grant applications. 

Here’s how we work:

We provide direct, free-of-charge grantwriting support to rural towns, counties, and regions to increase federal funding for projects within North Carolina.  

Hometown Strong has hired grants staff to work directly with town, county, or COG staff on grant applications, offering customized support to each agency. 

Our support begins by learning more about your project and compiling a full funding brief on both immediate grant opportunities as well as long-term funding strategies. Then, we work with a designated member of your staff to develop a compelling grant narrative and source all the information that is required for each federal grant opportunity. Even if you decide not to pursue federal funding, working with our team will allow you to pull together a funding plan that ensures your project can be funded in future cycles. 

If you're interested in partnering with us on a grant proposal, please fill out the short form below, and our team will be in touch to schedule an initial call within three business days! 

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Other ways we can support your work

We provide referrals, agency letters of support, and constructive feedback on proposals.
  • Referrals to relevant state funding opportunities 

  • Coordination of letters of support from state agencies and the Governor’s office when feasible, and

  • Constructive feedback on proposals already drafted. 

We provide training for grant writing and grant administration.

Hometown Strong’s Rural Grants Program will provide grant writing and administration training opportunities beginning in Spring 2024. Lack of knowledge and capacity to administer federal grants is one of the biggest challenges rural governments face. These resources will support long-term capacity building in rural communities for future projects.  

We provide long-term resources to help rural governments to secure and administer grant funding.  

The HTS Rural Grants Program is currently developing a comprehensive grant training curriculum that can be used by agency and university partners. If you're an agency partner who'd like to collaborate on grant training and resources, please reach out to our director, Emily Adair

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